Law Says Girls Should Have Fun with Golf

(May 26, 2019)-Before winning the Pure Silk Championship at 17 under par and before
receiving a degree in sociology from the University of California Los
Angeles in 2017, Bronte Law was having fun playing golf, tennis, soccer,
field hockey and running cross country track. Her advice for young girls
who want to follow in her footsteps and win an LPGA tournament, is to
“have fun.”

“I would say that you should never give up, and you don’t know what
situation you’re in or it might not be that you start playing until you’re
13, 14. If you work hard and you put your mind to it, and most
importantly, have fun with it, then you can achieve anything you want to,”
Law advised.

“I really did enjoy my golf as a junior golfer. I wasn’t too hard on
myself. I really did have a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun in college,
too. I think that’s really important.

Now, this is my job. It’s a little different. I have to treat it a little


differently. But I love it because I had that time when I was younger
where I made it fun.”

Although playing professional golf contains all of the aspects of running
a business, Law continues to find joy in the game. “I still do really
enjoy it. I love it. But there is a different aspect to it when you become
a professional.

So I would say all the time that you get, enjoy it. Don’t be hard on
yourself. Just like cherish that time as an amateur golfer. Make friends.
It’s something that I’m very grateful for that I had a really great
upbringing on the golf courses. I was always very welcome and I really
hope that those girls stand up for themselves like I did. You know, dream

In 2018, 24-year old Law played in 25 LPGA events, earning $539,306 and
making 22 cuts. She changed her putter to a Scotty Cameron Blade and
honed her skills to win the 2019 Pure Silk Championship. After previously
posting 65, 68, and 67, Law managed to score a four-under-par 67 on Sunday
to beat Brooke Henderson, Madelene Sagstromand and Nasa Hatoka by two

“I believe in hard work and determination. I really stayed so focused out
there today. Obviously my caddie, Jeff, did a great job keeping me calm. I
guess after San Fran it really gave me perspective that I can compete at
the top. I came in this week with the sole intention of getting that one
better. It feels really good,” Law said on Sunday. Although the England
native has had a lot of fun with golf throughout her life, Law was all
about business for her first LPGA win.